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Real Estate Agent commission on lease option assignments

I was thinking that it would be since the property management company is in the rental business and the real estate agent is in the home sales business. The agent may think that first month’s rent is not feasible (for their commission) due to their lack of understanding that it is not a home sale. Am I looking at this the wrong way?
Yup. Let them tell you the rates and that’s what they’ve been telling me. ;)
Hope that helps.
Thanks a bunch. I was just wondering, because I had a real estate broker tell me that she wasn’t interested. I was a little puzzled. I didn’t try to sell anything to her. I just wanted her to check the market rates and do a group showing once I had the t/b prospects. I think I will go visit a property management company with 10 completed cooperative option contracts in hand. I will ask them if they can help me fill these 10 properties within 90 days or whatever time frame I negotiate.

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